Agriculture Blogs; Which Was The Best Post In Kenya

Healthy maize plants

The following is a list of the most-read articles from our food and agriculture blog in 2020.

The is a a an authoritative blog offering free but quality articles for farmers and entrepreneurs in profitable farming. Our articles focus on the trending and important topics on ; climate smart agriculture, smart farming, agribusiness and rural development

To date, we have over 120 articles published this year. In this list we give you a list of the 10 most viral according to our statistics They are ranked from the one with most to the least readers. Enjoy reading them;

Which Agribusiness Ideas in Kenya can make you most money?

Can you make money in agriculture? in business, money follows solutions, Africa faces many food security and agriculture challenges you can solve today profitably either as the youth, investor or an agribusiness.

Agri-COVID Gardens, Best Kids Activity during Lockdown

In a normal school calendar, learners would be in their second week of August holidays. Today, students in Kenya are on their sixth month of zero structured learning. It is a similar scenario in over…

How to Control Desert locusts using Safe Methods

Learn biological and other environmentally-safe methods to control desert locust invasions. You can use neem oil, bio-pesticides and predators. other methods are planting trees and cover crops.

Which are the best Kienyeji vegetables in Kenya?

Learn the best African or traditional green vegetables, you can grow organically in your organic kitchen farm. The best in our list from Kenya are managu and terere among others

Why the Motorbike-powered water pumps is the cheapest for irrigation?

motorbike-powered water pump

Use your motorbike to pump water efficiently and cheaply. This smart innovation from Kenya is cheaper to buy and use than the traditional diesel and petrol pumps. Besides a boda boda, you can attach the motorcycle powered water pump to tuk-tuk or a micro cultivator.

How to control Aphids using safe organic methods

Aphids cause farmers a lot of financial and yield loss. You can control and prevent their outbreak in your land by observing hygienic gardening practices (GAPS) like precise irrigation. There are various natural methods and products for their control like the neem oil, diatomaceous earth or washing them off with clean water as outlined

What is Urban Farming? See how easily you can start

Learn what is urban farming and types of urban agriculture like vertical and zero-acreage farming to see how easily you can start as an individual, or agribusiness.

What you need to know about Contract Farming in Kenya?

Contracted farming is a simple way to improve the farmer’s profits. It works by bypassing brokers, better prices and access to farm inputs, credit and information on time.

5 Smart farming ideas beyond COVID-19

Every cloud has a silver lining. This is true to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019. To date, the viral disease has affected over 1.3 million…

Is Agriwallet the best financial solution for African farmers?

Agri-wallet is an innovative fintech solution for farmers in Kenya. It uses blockchain technology and provides a business account for farmers, buyers and suppliers. They can use these to save, buy, earn or pay for farm inputs or farm commodities

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