Our Story

Agriculture is the bedrock of Africa’s economic growth and development. In Kenya, it contributes to a third of the country’s total GDP and generates 65% of her national exports. It is a major source of industrial raw materials and human food. 70% of rural households depend on agriculture directly for their livelihoods. Despite this, the sector has not reacher its full market potential. There are huge gaps and inefficiencies in production, marketing and use of farm yields.

A common player in the agricultural value chain suffers from inadequate capital and the right information to produce and market profitably.

The sector is dominated by smallholder farmers and pastoralists operating in highly informal markets. They suffer from inadequate capital and the right information to deal with common challenges affecting them like climate change, pests and diseases and prohibitive policies.  Consequently, the risk of failure in agribusiness is high. This has discouraged many young farmers, agribusinesses, entrepreneurs and investors. But can the situation be improved?

About Agcenture

Timely access to right infomation improves yields, profitability and efficiency. Agcenture exists to provide quality and timely information and advisory services for you.

Agcenture is a pre-eminent service provider in quality and timely information and advisory services; for profitable and efficent agricultural production and marketing.

Agcenture is an agribusiness development consulting firm based in Nairobi, Kenya and serving clients globally. Established in 2018, The firm prides in providing quality and timely information and advisory services for profitable agricultural production and marketing using the latest technologies, upholding food safety standards and traceable practices from farm to fork.

Vision and Mission

Our aim is to improve all agriculturists’ (farmers and agribusinesses and entrepreneurs) livelihoods. We envision a full system approach that connects farmers to the private sector through highly specialized and beneficial value chains.


“Improved agriculture for better lives.”


“To be a reputable role model in promoting safe and profitable agriculture by our clients, industry and community ”

The main focus areas of the firm are food safety and human health, systemic approach in solving agricultural challenges, combating climate change and its shocks and dealing with exclusion of vulnerable groups like youth and women in the sector. Our unique approaches of developing the sector uses the market systems development approach, smart farming, social inclusion and climate-smart farming.

We are constantly outsourced by cooperatives, farms, processors and NGOs of our high quality services in;

  • Agriculture & Rural Development services; We are reputable consultants in the sustainable transformation of our agricultural market Sytems through; program and project management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and reporting of donor-funded development projects.
  • Agribusiness management consulting services; We tackle your challenges in Kilimo biashara through our advisory services in Ag financing, smooth operations & marketing strategy for profitable production and marketing of Ag products and services.

  • Smart/Digital Farming; We digitize farming and MSMEs agribusinesses in food production and marketing through the latest Management Information Sytems, Mobile apps and websites development and Online marketing advisory.
  • Climate-Smart agriculture Services; we advocate for adoption of the latest Climate-smart innovations, technologies and techniques in farming, automation, mechanization and value addition in agriculture.
  • Market Research and Studies; We are a “go-to” organisation for the latest, relevant, quality and detailed Ag information on market trends, performance, food safety, CSA etc. through our free blog articles and latest news and affordable outsourced research services.

we believe in the application of the latest innovative techniques, technologies, data and automation of agriculture while upholding highest food safety practices and value-added solutions. Consequently, farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs will realize full benefits from their farm produce that facilitate and support the growth of sustainable and competitive enterprises. this vision is embodied in our vision of “Improved agriculture for better lives.”

Agcenture is run by highly qualified and dedicated consultants. Our composition is well balanced with agronomists, economists, data scientists and computer scientists among other disciplines. they bring on board rich experience having worked in private, public and development sectors.

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