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It takes over 400 professional hours to complete a sound research or study project.
At Agcenture Consulting, we offer a range of project research services to our clients.

Our comprehensive research services are in designing, conducting, and reviewing your planned research projects and assignments on your behalf.


Highly dedicated, qualified & experienced researchers from various sectors.​


We customize each of our study assignment to your budget, needs and methods​


We use digital research tools and methods saving you time and money.​

A workplan template

01. Research Planning

We conduct a needs assessments to identify the specific needs and resources prior to conducting any research assignment. This includes

Preliminary Research ​
Research Gap Analysis
Recommend Research Design
Work Planning ​
Develop TORs
A sample questionnaire.

02. Research Design & Implementation

We work with our clients to design and implement research studies that will provide valuable insights into their projects and programs.

Select Research Design ​
Choose Methodologies ​
Data collection methods ​
Prepare Questionnaires
Enumerators Training
Quality assurance

03. Data Analysis & Interpretation

We provide data analysis and interpretation services to our clients to help them understand the findings of their research studies.

Cleaning & Preparing data ​
Statistical Analysis​
Qualitative Analysis ​
Infographics & Visualizations
Narrative interpretations​

04. Reporting & Disseminations

We help you present your research studies in clear and concise reports. We also help you to disseminate findings to key stakeholders right action.

Draft & Review Reports ​
Stakeholder Validation Workshops ​

05. Capacity Building

We provide training and capacity building to our clients on best research tools, practices and techniques, to ensure you have skills and knowledge to independently conduct research

CAPI research tools e.g. ODK, AkVo Flow , Kobo Tool box,
Data Analysis e.g. Chat Gpt, Excel, SPSS, KNACK, STATA, R
Data Visualization e.g. Tableau​, Power BI,
Report Writing e.g. Google Suite, Ms. Office Suite , Libre
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