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Program Management.​

Successful programs or projects depend on sound project planning, execution, result tracking throughout the entire project life cycle. Besides, it needs post implementation evaluation to plan for more efficient future plans.

Outsource Agcenture to add value in your program implementation services as you focus on other core functions. we offer you technical assistance and capacity building on program and project management .

Strategic Leadership

we set up high-level insightful plans, and give you guidance.


We keep all the stakeholders informed on the program’s progress


Good at setting indicators & KPIs tracking and analyzing them regularly

01. Program Ideation​

We help in analyzing markets to identify possible gaps and in drafting and review of viable program plans and business cases including proposals & budgets for grant schemes

Respond to calls for Proposals ​
Program Budgets
Feasibility Studies​
Value chain Analysis ​
Market Analysis​
Draft work plans​

02. Strategic planning

We help you define your project scope and align your goals, resources, and activities to achieve your desired outcomes and impact.

Project strategic/ intervention plans
Work Plans
Performance Indicators
Risk Management Plans ​
Quality management plan

03. Program Implementation

Partner with us to execute your program plan on your behalf. Or let us guide you on its implementation for effectiveness

Deployment plan​
Stakeholder engagement plan ​
Procurement Plan
Training Plan​
Evaluation Plan
Status reports
Close-out Plan

04. Result Measurement, Reporting & Control

Give your stakeholders’ regular updates on the progress of the project, including key achievements, risks, and issues.

Status Reports (weekly, Annual etc.)
Budget, Finance & Value for Money reports
Variance reports ​
Risks Register
Impact Studies (Baseline, Midline, End-line)
Project Review meetings

05. Program Closure

We can undertake your post-implementation evaluation and audit activities for you. This will document all the program’s impact and learnings

Stakeholder feedback report ​
Final Project Report
Asset Management Plan​
Lessons Learnt Report
Financial Report​
Project Archive
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